Guide to Freighting Reptiles

When freighting reptiles please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure all import export permits are complete from relevant state before shipping. It is the buyers/seller in each state responsibility to fulfil their licence requirement.
  2. Only send healthy animals. Young animals should be established feeders before being shipped.
  3. A secure and strong container. Animal secure in a calico bag. Use paper towel, newspaper to make sure the animal has minimal movement in container.
  4. If using a plastic container best to put another container inside with the animals in it for extra protection.
  5. Use a wooden container or hard esky. Eskys are good as they are strong and insulated. Secure top with cable ties or tape.
  6. Always have sufficient air holes.
  7. Be mindful of feeding prior to shipping. Defecation and urination can cause issues in shipped animals.
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