Our Services

What we do is take all the stress out of being put on hold for endless amounts of your valuable time by doing your booking for you. We aim to be cheaper than Qantas Freight wherever possible, although we do only use them.

We require an absolute minimum of 24 hours notice for freighting wherever possible. However we do prefer 48 hours. Payment will be done via Bank Deposit either electronic or by going into the branch and depositing. NO booking will be made until money shows in our account or we receive a copy of the deposit receipt showing money has been deposited. Only giving the receipt number will not be accepted as immediate payment so may still take a couple of days to show in the account. There will be NO credit or discounts so please don't ask for any. We are doing our best to keep our prices as cheap but competitive as we can.

For Bookings you can email us at feathersandscalesfreight@gmail.com

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